Selected First Light Accomplishments

  • Company Successfully Closed Next Round Funding – Early-stage company, pre-510(k), helped with product plan, market plan, and investor decks to secure next round of funding to carry company through development phase. Assisted in media placements locally and nationally to gain publicity at minimal cost to help investor visibility.
  • Company Just Aquired by J&J for $785MM – New product opportunity plan, strategic case, marketing plan, and forecast for a new surgical device for a US privately held manufacturer of innovative surgical products for ENT physicians. Assembled a competitive analysis for current and future category products. Prepared promotional materials for current products.
  • Market case for entering US blood glucose market for an Asian medical device company. Provided market assessment, competitive overview, channel analysis, distribution plan, pricing, and a 3-year forecast. Information supported a partnership investment decision.
  • New product service case for a physicians’ office and direct to patient chronic disease management process for an Asian medical products company. Provided background, competitive analysis, vendor analysis, and reimbursement status for chronic disease services by primary care physicians, physicians’ office clinical software products, and patient disease management personal health records. Put together organization and business plan for offering.
  • Market entry case for a new hospital critical care product for a private UK based medical products design company. Prepared assessment of reimbursement, competitors, distribution, pricing, medical need and customer attitudes – all supporting a 3-year forecast. Provided financials and investor focused presentation of case.
  • Category and opportunity analysis for an early-stage medical device start-up with a new product concept. Put together competitive analysis, market need, reimbursement, and pricing along with a 3-year forecast for three different market applications of the technology. Materials used in pitch-deck to successfully solicit next round financing.
  • Market research for entry into hospital point-of-care testing market for an Asian company in the medical products area. Interviewed HCPs to determine attitudes and needs and to discover the market opportunities and challenges for this new concept in near-patient testing in the clinic setting.
  • Marketing support for a major manufacturer of consumer home and professional use medical devices. Prepared competitive assessments of channel players, with recommendations for how the client could best penetrate the channel to capture incremental share. Prepared marketing promotional materials. Developed and executed regional pilots to evaluate new channel promotion and services.
  • ROI model that calculated the cost benefit of deploying our client’s clinical test across a population of health plan beneficiaries. This model used fresh statistics developed by First Light based on clinical literature and established medical evidence to demonstrate a predicted cost savings to identifying at-risk patients with the new test. The model provided a selling proof source for sales reps to use with health plan decision makers and buyers.